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April 10, 2012

Allison CollingerNIN is pleased to announce a new, strategic partnership, with Allison Hawk Collinger, Principal, AHC Consulting LLC.

A sought after speaker, connector, big thinker and trainer, Allison Collinger provides “What if?” strategic communications, collaboration and branding services to  a range of clients as well as a popular Social Media workshop series, geared to empowering attendees to learn, freshen and incorporate social media tools to strengthen stakeholder engagement. You can find her on Twitter@ahawkcollinger. (And yes, that is the Lombardi Trophy in the photo and Super Bowl XXXIV bling!) Her website is:

July 5, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Tina Shelby and her husband, Randy Cooper, of PLANTation Services, Little Rock, Arkansas, closed on the sale of their business last Friday with their Director of Operations, Robin White Connell. As of July 1, Robin is the sole shareholder of the 31 year old company.

Tina states, “Robin is the daughter we never had. She is a fine young woman from a wonderful family in Louisiana. She has all the training and knowledge to take this business down another 31 year path and experience all the rewarding feelings that go with small business ownership.”

Robin says, “Tina and Randy have provided me with the opportunity to build upon my skills. I have a wonderful team of people that I have watched grow and develop under my leadership over the past five years. I am so grateful for the strong foundation that Tina and Randy have established in PLANTation Services.”

Randy states, “As sellers of our 31 year old company, we knew we needed to find business valuation experts who have a working knowledge of our industry and understand the industry valuation model to use to value our business. We chose National Interiorscape Network. We found them to be thorough and efficient. They also continued their involvement by reviewing all documents and providing valuable suggestions.”

Robin followed, “In the Interiorscape industry, the National Interiorscape Network is the source that I look to for guidance day to day. As a new buyer with no experience in the acquisition process, NIN was the first place I went to for information and support. Their vast knowledge and expertise of the process were huge assets.”

Robin may be contacted at PLANTation Services:

Congratulations to Tina, Randy, and Robin, and good luck on your new journey.

From all of your supporters and admirers at NIN.


Art Campbell of the National Interiorscape Network (NIN) has been awarded the distinction of Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA). The CMC represents evidence of the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession, and is awarded only to those consultants who have successfully passed a rigorous examination process, demonstrated a history of substantive results for clients, and shown adherence to the IMC USA Code of Ethics and professional practice management. Less than 1% of all consultants have achieved this level of excellence. For more information about IMC visit
The National Interiorscape Network (NIN) is a partnership of approximately 100 independently owned interiorscape companies. The mission of the network is to provide the resources necessary for the members to improve their profits, increase the equity value in their businesses, and re-energize the owners and their businesses. For more information about NIN visit their website at, or contact Dick Ott at or (865) 523-7472.

November 2010 – NIN’s Dick Ott inducted into the PIA Hall of Fame!

NIN's Dick Ott was inducted into the PIA Hall of Fame in fall 2010.

NIN's Dick Ott was inducted into the PIA Hall of Fame in fall 2010.

During the Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame and PIA Awards Banquet this fall at CalScape Expo, NIN’s Dick Ott was inducted as the 2010 Plantscaping Professional.
According to the PIA’s announcement, “Dick Ott is an individual who has been consistently and intensively involved in the interiorscape industry on many levels. He has been an expert interiorscaper, educator, industry advocate, and business leader for over 36 years. He has made major contributions to the industry while holding top positions in trade associations including; Chairmanship of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) Interior Landscape Committee, ALCA Trailblazers, ALCA Board of Directors, Certification Board of Governors, ALCA Educational Foundation founding ambassador, President of ALCA Educational Foundation, and Chair and founder of the Interior Industry Growth Initiative. Dick’s vision and tireless efforts to promote the positive benefits of plants in the interior were instrumental in the creation of what has become Green Plants for Green Buildings.”
Dick’s interiorscape experience is extensive. He started and ran his own company, Botany Center, in Knoxville, Tennessee, for 17 years; he acted as Vice President of Training and National Operations for Orkin Plantscaping; Director of Operations and Training for TruGreen Interior Plantcare; National Training Director for Rentokil-Initial, founder and Director of Symbiot Interiorscape Network; and founder and Director of the National Interiorscape Network. He has won numerous ALCA Grand, Merit, and Distinction Awards. Ott has been a horticulture teacher at the University of Tennessee, teaching interiorscaping for 10 years. He authored over 50 published articles on interior landscaping for various trade magazines, has written numerous training manuals, and acted as editor of the ALCA Guide to Interior Landscape Specifications. Ott has contributed to the industry as a speaker at ALCA conferences, at the Ohio State Florist Short Courses, and at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition to name a few.
Dick has given his time, expertise and energy to the industry which he clearly has helped to grow. He is devoted to developing successful business models and to forging a pathway for interiorscape industry success, currently through his work with the National Interiorscape Network. Congratulations Dick!