Design Professionals

We offer RESOURCES, HORTICULTURAL EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to Design Professionals, either on a local or nationwide basis.  Our industry Partners are highly qualified interior landscape companies that can assist you with resources, horticultural knowledge, and experience to help you to complete the project of your customers’ dreams.

Plantscaping and Interiorscaping Resource

Looking For A Professional Interioscape Provider?   We Will Help You Find One.  Or Contact Us For A Custom Referral.

Facilities Managers

MAKE THE PROCESS EASY…We offer a one-stop-shop for Facility Managers, either on a local or national basis.  NIN Partners are highly qualified interior landscape companies that can design, source, install, service, and manage all your indoor plant needs, as well as professionally decorate your facility for the holidays.


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The National Interiorscape Network is an international alliance of premier companies who have united to set the professional standard for ethics, integrity, and exceptional service in the interior horticultural industry.

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The National Interiorscape Network (NIN)

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