Our Team

Dick Ott

Dick Ott

CCLP Director

This is my 45th year in the Interiorscape Industry, having worked as an owner and in senior management for 3 public companies. I grew my own business as a local independent, and my company’s development would have been significantly quicker if the National Interiorscape Network was available then to reduce my costs (Thus, increase my profitability), help grow my revenue and provide training and technical solutions to my problems.

This network is available today to provide you with these benefits, and more. As the founder and director of NIN since 2005, I invite you to investigate our blueprint for your success.

Contact: 865-523-7472 or dott@interiorscapenetwork.com

Bill Fensterer

Bill Fensterer

Vice President

Bill has been actively involved in the Interiorscape industry for 26 years, possessing detailed operational knowledge as it relates to the financial requirements in managing a business. 

During his many years as a senior manager, CFO, and President, of Rolling Greens, Inc., he helped the company achieve its strategic objectives of significant growth and consistent profit improvement.

Contact: 301-873-9504 or bfensterer@interiorscapenetwork.com

Art Campbell

Art Campbell

CMC, President

Art Campbell, President, has been in the interiorscape industry for over 40 years with a highly diversified experience base. He started two interiorscape businesses which were later sold, and also successfully managed branch operations for two public companies, where he achieved Branch Manager of The Year twice.

He was also a Region Manager for TruGreen PlantCare for 3 years, and Regional Vice President for Initial Tropical Plants for 6 years. Art has served NIN Partners for the last 14 years with assisting them Grow Their Revenues, Increase Their Profits, and Improve the Value of Their Businesses.

Additionally, he has focused on helping dozens of companies with exit strategies, business valuations, selling of their businesses, and acquisitions.

Contact: 770-837-9255 or acampbell@interiorscapenetwork.com

Al Martin

Al Martin


Al Martin has been in the green industry for over 27 years with a wide array of experience in both the interiorscape and urbanscape sectors.   He began his interior career in operations and installations and was soon promoted to service management.  Since 2005 he has used his strong leadership skills to successfully grow and manage businesses from about $1 million in annual revenue to over $6 million in St. Louis, Knoxville, Nashville, and Los Angeles.  In addition to achieving recognition for high-performing businesses, he led teams that won a number of national awards.

Al will assist NIN Partners in all areas of sales and operations management, people development, strategic planning, and Partners’ profit improvements.

Contact:  865-805-8587

Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson

Senior Vice President

Matt Nelson, Senior Vice President has spent his entire 35-year career in horticulture. He spent 15 years with the Brickman Group, exterior landscape contractor, during their rapid growth period managing businesses in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis and 14 years with Tropical Plant Rentals/Rentokil, interiorscape contractor, in Chicago and managing businesses in St. Louis, Milwaukee and San Francisco.

Matt has served NIN Partners with strategic planning, systems, and process improvement, sales and operations management, leadership development and mentoring, strategic planning, and exterior landscape businesses for the last 6 years.

Contact Matt at: 773-755-5161 or mnelson@interiorscapenetwork.com

James Greene

James Greene

Special Projects

James has been involved in the horticulture industry since 1973. He started in a newly opened interior plant retail store. He has served as a purchaser, operations manager, special projects manager in charge of large installations throughout the eastern United States. He was a lead developer for the estimating system used by a major national landscaping firm for over 6 years.

He has worked for National Interiorscape Network for 10 years with an emphasis on special projects and national accounts.

Contact: 865-523-1818