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Architectural Supplements

Architectural Supplements (ASI) is the leading manufacturer of decorative plant containers for both interior and exterior use, as well as the world’s easiest to install and maintain living wall system: NextGen.  In addition, ASI manufactures a complete vertical system of biophilic art and moss walls known as BioMontage, which can be mounted on walls or room dividers.




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Autograph Foliages

Autograph Foliages is based in Cleveland Ohio and is a leading manufacturer of premium quality artificial foliage and Christmas décor since 1971. Celebrating 50 years of service, Autograph supplies quality artificial plants and trees to the Design, Landscaping and Plantscaping industries. 

Main Everyday Products include Polyblend® Outdoor Shrubbery with 5 Year Fade Warranty, Inherent FireSafe® Foliage, UV/FireSafe Plants, Succulents, Grasses, Greenwall Foliage, and Custom Trees and Palms, hand-crafted in the U.S.A.  Other product lines include, Christmas Trees, Greenery, Ornaments,  and Commercial Décor. 

Free 2021/2022 Catalogs Now Available.
Call:  1-800-659-6151

Email: sales@autofol.com  

Order Online or Browse Virtual Catalogs:  www.autofol.com

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Brainstorm International, LLC

Brainstorm International provides any size organization with marketing and design solutions that help them grow. 

Is it hard for you to manage running your organization and building for the future? We can help. 

Is the world of online marketing, SEO, and ways to use your website for building your organization confusing, ambiguous, and just too much of a hassle? We can show you ways to make it an easier part of your business growth.

Top Solutions:

  • Simple to follow marketing action plans
  • Website design, management, & hosting
  • Creative ways to get more clients
  • Effective business tool that do the work for you

Need a domain name. Start here.


Need a website? Start here.


Need a marketing plan? Start here.


Have questions about anything marketing or design? 

Call us.  (844) 999-SITE (7483)


(865) 985-6744 (text or call)


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Enterprise Fleet Services

At Enterprise Fleet Services, we specialize in fleet management, so you can focus on running your business.


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Farm Life Tropical Foliage

Farm Life Tropical Foliage is a wholesale nursery in unincorporated Dade County Florida.  We produce high-quality interior foliage plants year-round for the interiorscape and garden center markets.  Farm Life sells only plants that we have grown.  We specialize in growing liners, cuttings and air layers, purchased from other growers or done in-house, into larger finished plants from 6-inch pots to 32-inch pots.  We are known for our field grown then shade acclimated 17-inch and 21-inch trees and palms that range from 7 feet to 12 feet.  In these sizes, we produce a variety of plants from White Bird of Paradise to multiple Ficus species.  Many of these plants spend a few years in our outdoor fields, gaining a large caliper full sun form, before they are brought in under shade to be acclimated for interior use.  As well as the larger trees, Farm Life grows a variety of other popular interior plants in smaller sizes in order to supply our customers with as many options as possible.  We use high-quality pots, soil, and fertilizer to produce our plants.  No corners are ever cut here at Farm Life.


After spending months and sometimes years growing our plants, we take extra care to prepare them properly for shipping.  First, plants are selected from the rest of the crop to meet the height specification and quality that is needed.  Step 2 is a quick pass on each plant to remove any minor flaws and then the plant is ready to be staged for step 3.  Step 3 is a quality control check.  A highly trained Farm Life employee inspects each order.  We match each order with the original fax or email to make sure no problems are found and that the plants staged match the plants ordered.  Once quality control is complete every plant receives a soil spray of Steinernema feltiae nematodes and a yellow sticky-trap stake is placed in the soil.  The nematodes are a non chemical way to kill Fungus gnat larvae and the yellow sticky trap can be “armed” at our customers location to catch any adult fungus gnats that may have escaped earlier prevention.  We are dedicated to never sending plants with fungus gnats to your job site or garden center. Finally, the plants are sleeved or boxed to wait for pickup.

Our mission is to grow a high-quality product and give our customers more than they expect.


Explore our updated availability daily, create an account and log in at any time. Our current availability will always be reflected through the website. You can download our pdf format availability if desired or place your order directly from the availability page. 


The Farm Life Volume Discount Program is:

Inclusion in the program will be based on the following formula:

    • Customers who average a minimum of $1,250 per month, in net plant purchases, for the period January – June will be included in the program for the period July through December.
    • Bi-annually, with periods ending in June and December, the prior six months of sales will be reviewed.  Inclusion in the program will be based on the volume of plant purchases in the most recent six-month period. We will notify all customers that will see a change in their discount status for the following six-month period.
    • If at any point during a calendar year if your company spends $15,000, in net plant purchases, with Farm Life, you will qualify for the Volume Discount Program immediately and retain it through the rest of the year.  Net plant purchases during the second half of the year will be used to determine inclusion for the first half of the following year.
    • All customers are eligible and encouraged to participate in this program. The sales team will be available to inform you of your current sales level.
    • To determine inclusion in the Volume Discount Program, only total net sales on plant material will be calculated.
    • Packaging, Retail Ready costs and other non-plant charges do not apply towards the achievement of the minimum goals.
    • Discounts are only applicable to invoices paid within the stated terms.

Farm Life appreciates your business and the trust you place with us, we pledge to continue to earn your confidence with every order we ship.

If you have any question, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

                    Contact Info: Farm Life Tropical Foliage 

Physical Address                                                                                 Mailing Address 

172200 SW 232 Street                                                                     P.O. Box 924109

Miami FL 33170                                                                       Homestead, FL 33092-4109

Office: 305-245-7700 

Fax: (305) 245-4272 



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The largest car rental company in the world, providing quality rental service for 80 years. https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/reservation/

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Keystone Solutions LLC

Keystone Solutions is a provider of I.T. Support for small and medium businesses. We also offer highly competitive VOIP phone services.  We can help your company achieve its goals by saving you money and offering you a full IT support staff at your fingertips. Our approach involves custom tailoring solutions for our clients and developing relationships.

For more information contact 



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Olive Hill Greenhouses, Inc.

Olive Hill Greenhouses, Inc. is NIN’s First Educational Sponsor helping to educate interiorscapers throughout North America and England in Sales, Service, Design, and Best Interiorscape Practices. Olive Hill’s premium Anthurium, Bromeliad, and tropical foliage plants are available from numerous distributors in the western United States. Please visit www.olivehill.net for additional information on our plants and to sign up for our weekly availability. Contact Denise Godfrey denise@olivehill.net or call 760.728.0781.

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Pineapple Payments

Pineapple Payments is a payment processing technology company that provides omni-channel payment acceptance solutions for merchants and software partners of all shapes and sizes, from startups to large-scale enterprises. From its innovative technology platform to its proactive merchant success team, Pineapple truly takes a fresh approach to payment processing.  Please visit our website at www.pineapplepayments.com or give us a call at 412-235-7235 to learn more about how we can help your organization reduce its payment processing costs.

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Plants in Design, Inc.

Through ongoing communication with hybridizers and laboratories worldwide, we respond to customer requests for timely access to new hybrid varieties for the distinctive look of novel colors and shapes. 

(305) 232-6567


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Seasonscapes designs, fabricates and supplies pre-decorated, job-site ready holiday décor packages to professional decorators and distributors throughout North America. Please visit our website for more information to include themes and pricing or call Caroline at 210 708 1600.

Phone: 1. 210 708 1600


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Social Joey

Social Joey is a social media marketing company that helps small and medium sized businesses build an effective social media presence. Our proven social media strategies will give your business the professional look you want and the exposure you need to help build your brand and your business online. We have some of the best writers, graphic designers, and social media experts in the industry, and they are ready to help take your social media to the next level. Please give Mike McDowell a call (423) 702-4667 or check us out today at socialjoey.com and let Social Joey get your social media hopping!

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Somebody Else’s Bookkeeping LLC

Let Somebody Else keep your books!

You have a business because you’re an expert, you have a passion, or you’re fulfilling a need…or all of the above. Running that business should be your #1 priority; letting you know how your business is doing is ours. Somebody Else’s Bookkeeping will allow you to focus your attention on your business; whether you want to get bigger, gain efficiency, or just be the coolest company on the planet! Our founder, Sandra Else, draws from over 20 years of bookkeeping experience (including 20 years of working with interiorscape companies!) to provide you with accurate, timely reports that allow you to see exactly where your business is at. When tax time rolls around, there will be no more digging through a box of receipts or confusion over how to make sense of your finances. We love our clients and are committed to helping you succeed!

Somebody Else’s Bookkeeping LLC

Sandra Else


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Sparks Law

About Sparks Law:

At Sparks Law, we are professionals. Legal professionals can be relied upon to do what they say they’re going to do, tell you what you need to know about complex situations, and find creative solutions to difficult problems using the tools of their profession.

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur. Our Georgia business lawyers seek to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision by giving them access to these legal tools. Business owners should have the best. With the use of fundamental corporate law, we’re able to minimize our client’s legal risk and maximize their success.

We are the expert’s expert. A good company will have an attorney on staff, and a great company will have a legal team. As a law firm that represents thousands of businesses across all industries, our team has the experience necessary to help our clients take advantage of cutting-edge legal technology. Our in-house counsel colleagues call us to learn about the latest in business law because we are here in the trenches with our clients, developing the newest legal technologies.

About Jonathan Sparks:

Attorney at Law & Founder

Jonathan Sparks is the Founder of Sparks Law. He works as an in-house counsel for small to medium sized businesses. His bi-monthly blog deals specifically with legal issues that Georgia businesses face.

Before forming Sparks Law, Jonathan worked at the United States Department of Justice, the United States Senate Office, the Attorney General’s office for the District of Columbia, and as an attorney at King & Spalding here in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of the George Washington University Law School, where he excelled at Corporate and Business law, Torts, Litigation, and Securities law.


Business Dilution, Business Formation, Collection Services, Contracts, Employment, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Trusts and Estates

Areas Served:

Alpharetta, Atlanta, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia

Contact us at:


Website is:


Email Contact:


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Triad Plants

About Triad Plants:

Triad Plants is excited to partner with the National Interiorscape Network.

We have provided premium quality foliage and flowering tropicals to customers nationwide for over 25 years. We are excited to provide that same quality to you.

Triad is not just a plant provider.  We are also a tech-enabled logistics company.  Our logistics expertise allows us to get you premium quality plants at the best rates in the industry.

It is our pleasure to serve this community and we look forward to helping your business grow by providing you with the best plants and service in the industry.


The Triad Plants Team

Contact info
(561) 944-2433

Our Customer Team (Suzanne Barton or Rick Sherpf) will respond to any inquiries.

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TRI-Mar’s ASPENmoss is a new clean and critter free substitute for Spanish moss and sheet moss. ASPENmoss is made from aspen trees that are processed to achieve a final product that looks similar to Spanish moss but is actually very finely cuts aspen wood. ASPENmoss is dyed three different colors to simulate the colors of spanish moss and sheet moss. It is allergen free, dust and mold free, covers a greater area than Spanish moss, and provides a fresh fragrance. Call 1-800-626-2646 to place your order.


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WaterBoy … Besides dramatically improving labor efficiency, the WaterBoy’s greatly helps reduce perishable loss, and creates a more professional work environment resulting in higher quality end product. Utilizing the right tools for the job. Visit our website at www.thewaterboy.net or give us a call at 1-800-233-1539.