For Facility Managers

Whether you have just one location or hundreds, the National Interiorscape Network is here to help you manage your indoor plant services.

Indoor plants not only beautify your work environment, they are always hard at work to make our environment happier, healthier, safer, and more productive.  Our local partners can help you create the space of your dreams.

When you choose a partner or the entire network of partners from the National Interiorscape Network, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A locally owned, locally managed, and prescreened successful entrepreneur who has been in serving your community for over 25 years (NIN average).
  • A business managed by the owner (not a manager), providing 24/7 response, and a structured quality assurance program.
  • An experienced and professional NIN Partner with strong product expertise including indoor plants, containers, green living walls, color plants, living art, moss walls, holiday, streetscapes, and urbanscapes.
  • A local NIN Partner company that services interiorscapes throughout their area with the resources of the entire NIN network.  There is not a challenge we have not seen and solved together.
  • If you desire, centralized billing and one point of contact.
  • Inventories are computerized and managed locally.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Get started today with the National Interiorscape Network. We will be glad to match you with the partners closest to your location or help you set up a multi-location national account program.

Al Martin  865-805-8587  /

Art Campbell 770-837-9255 /

We look forward to serving you!